Portland, OR


-Laura, Seattle parent:

My son Joshua has really enjoyed his time at 1on1. He has so much fun with coach Jon and his team, and loves his weekly session after school. In fact, Joshua loves the team so much, he has also attended camps during the holidays and is a particular fan of the Basketball camp run by coach Jon!

Jon is great with the kids, encouraging and challenging them at all times, whilst making sure they never forget that playing the game is supposed to be fun! The skills that kids learn on the court and the field are so valuable in every area of their lives. I am very grateful for all the positive influence that 1on1 has had on Joshua, his love of playing as a team has undoubtedly been something that he has learned from his time with Jon, and is a skill that I know he uses everyday - even when there isn't a ball involved!

-Stu Michie
Pacific Northwest Director
One on One Basketball, Inc:

Coach Jon worked with us in the Seattle office while pursuing his degree in Health and Fitness Education at Seattle Pacific University. I have never worked with a more committed, responsible and caring instructor in my 10+ years at One on One. Jon has a natural gift for motivating and relating to kids, and he uses these gifts in conjunction with his abundant content knowledge to provide amazing experiences for young players. If your child has taken to basketball, there is nobody better in my opinion, to guide their development in the many motor skills needed to develop a life-long passion for the greatest sport in the world. We are very excited to have Coach Jon Pennington as our One on One Regional Director in the Rip City!